What’s in a Name?

If you have a blog or know a blogger, you know that coming up with a catchy blog name can be tedious, stressful, and downright impossible. I read about 1.5 million tips on how to name a blog, most of which only added to my level of anxiety over making a decision. I knew I wanted it to be tied to myself and my content, but “Laura Ferdinandt’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog” didn’t really roll off the tongue. Here were some other front runners:

  • BeeYouTiFul (people would constantly spell that wrong)
  • Listen To Meeeee! (I mean, that one’s kinda good)
  • Laura Loves Lovely Looks (no way. that one is terrible)

Clearly, I wasn’t really coming up with Grade A titles. If you take a good look at my life, I haven’t been very good at naming most anything important to me. My first car was a small black sedan named “Little Black”. I named two of my favorite stuffed animals from my childhood “Hound Dog” and “Clown”. Any guesses as to what type of stuffed animals they were? #mystery #CIAlevel


Pictured (left to right): Clown. Hound Dog.          Not Pictured: Brown Bear.

After much deliberation, I finally settled on Secrets from September. Why, you ask? Well, I was born in September and I like sharing secrets. Beauty secrets, to be exact. And everyone loves a little alliteration, or at least that’s what all of those blog tips told me.

This title may not be the easiest URL to type into a search bar (www.nordstrom.com was already taken, dammit). It may not provide a punny hint as to the contents of my blog. It may not evoke feelings of euphoria in everyone who reads it. But let’s all just be thankful that I didn’t name it “Blog.”


Bridal Makeup: Vintage Glam

KimIMG_0597 Wilson knew that her parents’ property in Western Illinois would be the location for her wedding in September of 2012.  The picturesque setting offered endless charm and a perfect backdrop for her vintage inspired event.  The venue itself was filled with little details such as hay bale pews for the ceremony, games on the lawn, and delightful wildflower arrangements at the center of each table.

Kim’s personal look echoed the vintage feel of the day.  Her stunning lace gown set the tone for a completely glamorous yet vintage bridal look.  Kim wanted dramatic eyes and a pop of color, so we focused on a smokey eye look with va-va-voom lashes. Topping it all off was the most fitting, roaring-twenties era red lipstick to complete the makeup. The red even matched the authentic Ford convertible Kim rode in to the wedding ceremony!

This bridal look is exactly why I enjoy working with clients for their wedding day: no two brides want the same thing.  Kim knew she wanted a look that fit her personality and one that tied in with the theme of the day, so it allowed my creativity to shine through.  We achieved a look that was uniquely Kim and entirely fresh, while still echoing back to the vintage beauty of the past.

IMG_1294    IMG_1235