Blogging 2.0

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all this time you’d like to meet.

My name’s Laura and I suck at blogging. (That was Adele’s first lyric version. I wonder why she changed it…)

Looking back at my blog, you’d think I joined a hippie commune or something eight months ago and completely disavowed the internet. But alas, I just stopped making blogging a priority. Recently though, I have been pushed encouraged by some friends to dust off the old keyboard and get back in the game. So this is my recommitment to you, my seven readers, that I will try my hardest to write more, diversify my content, and generally fill your eyeballs with Pulitzer-worthy writing.

With this Blog Reboot in mind, I thought I would start out by sharing with you another little reboot I’ve been working on. Since moving into my apartment almost two years ago, I have loved decorating and redecorating it over and over again. The vintage of this apartment, along with its close proximity to some of the cutest antique and vintage stores I’ve ever been in, have really helped me find my personal style and hone in on what makes me happy.

About three months ago, my mom brought over some old pictures and knick knacks to see if I wanted any of them. As I sorted through her pile of goods, one photo caught my eye:

IMG_7006This is a picture of my mother’s grandma, Theresa. I don’t think it’s possible to have a more beautiful portrait! It’s feminine and striking and delicate and looks like it was made for my apartment. It also reaffirms that I was indeed born in the wrong decade. Instagram’s got nothing on the portrait art from the early 1900s. I snagged the portrait and started brainstorming how to feature it in my sunroom (aka makeup room). Fast forward a few months and a few amazing Christmas gifts later, and voila!

IMG_6999Every single item in this picture brings me joy. Many of them serve a function (#somanybrushes), but some of them simply evoke a feeling of nostalgia, remind me of a good travel memory, or serve as a memento of a casual afternoon stroll through my chosen city.

I suppose if I look closer at my reason for taking a blogging hiatus, it’s that I didn’t feel like my blog was deep enough. It seemed a bit vapid and shallow, both words I hope no one ever uses to describe me. But in the past year of learning more life lessons than I will ever be able to count, I realized one thing in particular: don’t shy away from what makes you happy. Don’t be ashamed if it’s something small that brings joy, just be happy you’ve found it.

So while my greatest joy comes from the people I love and the experiences I have, I’ll happily use this blog to share some of the little things that bring me joy. And who knows. Maybe those little things will someday add up to something big.


This eyelash mug is everything. So was my first trip to Temecula with friends.


300 brushes. Because, beauty blogger.


I snagged this vintage fan in Bozeman, Montana. After a rewiring tutorial from my dad, we got it to work again! The books were found at an antique store in Northern Wisco. And there’s no better place to brunch with your BFF on her birthday than Sea & Smoke in Del Mar, California.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 2.0

  1. Peb, I love that you are blogging again. Your life lessons about honoring what brings you joy [both large and small] are indeed significant and authentic. Sending love.


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