Wine Delivery? Yes, Please.

What a lovely package to come home to!

What a lovely package to come home to!

The internet knows me better than I know myself.

I have an ad blocker installed on my computer (thanks to my BIL Karl). This ad blocker greatly improves the state of my pocketbook, since my life before it included lots of tempting little sidebar messages from Nordstrom, MAC, and Zappos. I thought I was safe from the temptations of retail world. Au contraire, mon frare. Twitter got me, and it got me good.

While scrolling through my feed the other night, my eyes latched onto a story about some MIT grads who are changing the wine world. I love educational stories! I love wine! This story was clearly written for me! Basically, these wine pioneers have combined their mathematical know-how with everyone’s love of wine. By answering a quick, six-question survey, these geniuses will figure out your taste buds and provide a selection of unique, hard to find wines that are right up your alley.

At first I treated the quiz like one of those ridiculous Facebook quizzes that claim to tell you what state you belong in or which “Friends” character you are or some other, non-scientific craziness. Soon, though, I found myself totally sucked in! They took my six answers and totally figured out my taste buds. Crisp, citrusy whites from New Zealand or South Africa; complex, smooth reds from Argentina or Australia. Obviously, I had to sign up so that I could test it out and share my opinions with you. {You’re welcome.}

So, here’s what happened after I signed up: Bright Cellars (the MIT genius wine-o company) hand selected several wines that are hard to find at the local grocery store or corner market. I then got to choose the 4 I wanted in my first box. They wrapped them up in adorable packaging and sent them by way of carrier pigeons or drones or FedEx. The wines got delivered right to my door in only 2 days, which was completely unexpected and totally necessary (a girl can never be out of wine).


Could this packaging be any cuter? (Clearly, I’m a Chandler.) The sticker reads, “There comes a time in the day when no matter the question…the answer is wine.” #truthtime

I can’t wait to crack open the selections for this month. Bright Cellars chose for me a cabernet/merlot blend from South Africa, a Chardonnay from Southeastern Australia (they promised it had no oak, so I went for it), and two Savignon Blancs (my total favorites). While I normally would shy away from trying out products that DSC00022are hard to find, I feel like wine is a bit of a different beast. I love trying new wines, but I am not afraid of leaning on my old standbys when needed. Most of all, I am excited to have some wine selections to add to my repertoire. Who knows, maybe I will even become a Chardonnay fan! (My mom would love that.)

If you’re anything like me and you like trying new libations, I would highly recommend that you check this company out. Click on this link to get your first box of 4 wines for only $30! That’s a complete steal! And just think, you’ll never be empty handed if a friend (me) invites you to a last minute BYOB picnic in the park (anyone free Tuesday?)! You can keep your membership going and get a new shipment of bottles delivered to your door each month, or you can cancel at any time. Bright Cellars is shaping up to be the subscription box of the century. Cheers!


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